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For 30 years in Canada, and over 40 years in the USA, Farm For Profit has been the Nation’s Leader in Sustainable Agriculture.  Bioremediation, the first step in our program, is the natural (organic) process of restoring damaged soil back to healthy, living topsoil. This first and most important step is followed by 3 additional steps to complete our sustainability program.  The 4-Step FARM FOR PROFIT program is every farmer’s basic outline of best practices, as follows:

  • Restore Life to the Soil
  • Optimize Plant Nutrition
  • Reduce Chemical Rates
  • Continue Learning

These are time-tested practices bringing proven results. Farmers who adhere to these practices are able to watch their farmland become rich, crop yields increase, input costs drop, and the family farm becomes sustainable for centuries. Since each step is focused on biology alone, the program remains effective across all of agriculture, including vegetables, fruits, grains, organics, feed, ornamentals, and more.

Our bioremediation product, which is organic-approved, contains over 40 different types of live, naturally-occurring bacteria, fungus and algae. These single-celled organisms feed on toxins in soils, converting them to essential nutrients for plants. The benefits of bioremediation include:

  • Deeper, richer topsoil
  • Increased water holding capacity in soil
  • Reduced water runoff and erosion potential
  • Improved seed-to-soil contact
  • Stronger/deeper root development
  • Improved plant health and disease resistance
  • Accelerated composting of crop residues
  • Increased plant-absorbable nutrients
  • Improved seed-to-soil contact
  • Cleaner yields and greater yield potential
  • Reduced toxins measured in food supply

Watch an overview/explanation of the Farm For Profit program:

Please contact us for more information about our 4-step sustainability program. We are simply “Farmers Helping Farmers”.

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