A Cultivated Art Inc.

Ottawa, ON, Canada
100 Albert Street Ottawa Ontario K1P 1A5 CA

A Cultivated Art is all about bringing sustainability, functionality and beauty to our urban and suburban landscapes.

A yard can be a living space, a play area, a quiet retreat, it can produce food, filter the rain water which pour off of our roofs and can support plants which cool the air and shade our homes in the summer. It can support pollinators and birds, help us all reconnect with nature and can create an oasis right outside your door.

The spaces around most homes are full of unrealized potential. Potential to become functioning ecosystems and extensions of our lives. Even on small urban lots houses rarely cover more than half of the property but very often the planning of space, style and function that goes into the creation of our homes stops at the walls rather than continuing into the outdoors take advantage of the incredible possibilities represented there.

An urban yard can be sustainable, organic and resilient. It can also be low maintenance, productive and beautiful. What needs to change is how we think about these spaces and how we use them to create sustainability. The planning needs to go below the surface and evaluate function both from a usability standpoint and an ecological one.

With years of experience and a passion for design A Cultivated Art can help you transform your yard from an underused space into a natural, sustainable oasis.

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