Apiaries (Bees)

Healing the planet with a greater appreciation of pollinators, sharing what we all can do to spread their message of beauty and connectedness.

Our Approach
We have joined the country in a worldwide movement of pollinator conservation.

With First Nations, cities, campuses, schools and communities across Canada, we celebrate the promotion and protection of pollinators, championing programs and achievements.

Toronto is the 1st Bee City in Canada

Our Values

We will be respectful, polite, positive, and nonjudgmental and listen to what communities need, and the diverse opinions of individuals.

We will securely save contact information provided by people and groups, not to be shared with advertisers, for the purpose of keeping people up to date with our activities and events.

We will do our best to answer any questions or concerns quickly and in a tone that is helpful and inspires others, freely referring to other sources when we don’t have the answers or information asked for.

We will encourage a natural, pollinator friendly approach to gardening and farming, where ecology is respected and biodiversity is the goal.

Toronto Bee Rescue is dedicated to the humane removal and relocation of established honeybee colonies within the Greater Toronto Area.

We remove honeybee colonies from homes, sheds, decks, and other man-made structures. We will also collect swarms of honeybees that have clustered on tree branches, fences, etc. The collected honeybee colonies are then relocated to more suitable locations where they are able to thrive as beneficial pollinators to the local environment.

Our Goals Are:

1.To provide a humane manner in which to remove honeybee hives from structures
2.Relocate the rescued honeybee colonies to more suitable locations
3. Find great urban locations for honey bees
4. Provide the GTA with local honey

Toronto Bee Rescue started providing it’s services in 2011 to fulfill the need for humane honeybee hive removal in the Greater Toronto Area.

1041 Christner Road, New Hamburg, ON, Canada

Originally started in 1918, Nith Valley Apiaries is in its centennial year. It has been passed on through four owners, each of them learning from the previous beekeeper. Our beeyards dot the countryside throughout Perth and Waterloo counties. There are up to twenty hives at each beeyard, and these hives allow us to provide honey to the residents of New Hamburg and the surrounding local areas.

We believe in working within sustainable local food systems and place a high value on supporting our ecosystem, our local farmers, and our community. We want to offer the best quality we can in our honey products and customer service. We are constantly learning about techniques used by other beekeepers and ways we can support pollinators, and as we learn we are incorporating this knowledge into our business practices. Over the last few years we have been exploring healthy new products such as bee pollen, propolis, and small-batch specialty flavoured honeys. We’ve also added plants and habitat spaces to our farm to better support pollinators. Learn more about what’s happening and who’s behind it all here.

We currently supply a number of local stores and restaurants, as well as retailing directly to the public from our ‘Honey House’ on the edge of New Hamburg. We offer a variety of quality honey products & varying specialty gift items, and you can visit Our Products to see what’s available in the honey house right now. Bulk honey is always on tap and we are happy to fill your own containers.

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