How to add/claim a listing

To add a listing as a guest

To add a listing as a guest please go to Payment Plans.  Choose the Basic Free Listing. You will be directed to a page here

from here you choose Proceed without registration – then you can create your listing.

To claim a listing as a guest

Unfortunately you cannot claim a listing as a guest – you need to subscribe to the site.


Subscribe to site

You need to register with an email address and a password. Once you are registered you will be logged into your “profile”.

From there you can go to Payment Plans. where you can choose to add a listing, claim a listing or purchase a featured listing or one of our enhanced value plans.

To claim a listing

You need to register on the site. Then you can claim your listing

When you claim your listing (basic free)  you get a number of benefits:

  • your listing is locked so that you are the only person who can update it via the directory dashboard (apart from admin)
  • your listing becomes ‘verified’ adding additional trust and credibility
  • add and manage ‘official’ photos on the front page of your listing (via the directory dashboard)
  • your listing may have fields that unclaimed listings do not have
  • your listing may have additional categories (3 total for basic  free listing claim)
  • your listing has 1 location for basic free
  • your listing has 1 photo for basic free – this would probably be your logo

To claim a listing – login. The navigate to your listing . Click on it display profile page

click on the orange”Claim Listing” button

you will be navigated to this page where you will confirm ownership of your listing

“continue”  to this page

confirm order and then you’re done!

Feature listing 

Feature listings are highlighted listings that sit at the top of the listing page.
Please visit the meat, retail and farms page to see examples  of featured listings.


You can opt to have a profile  –  copy / description is emailed by you to  You are allowed 2 proofs – if you aren’t great at putting copy together we can compile it for you as part of the service. You can have sliders, a contact form and hyperlinks. If you want something else please email us and we will endeavour to  accommodate your request! After the display period for your profile has expired it will be archived and linkable.


We would love  to have you advertise on our site! We accept optimized files or we can design your ad professionally for you (no extra charge). See Advertise with Us page for more details.

We accept Paypal and advertising is arranged through  Advertising proofs are provided and ads are tracked – we are looking at adding different exciting  ways of delivery in the near future.