Blue Skies Custom Woodwork

5672 Cedar Springs Rd, Burlington, ON L7P 0B9, Canada
5672 Cedar Springs Road Burlington Ontario L7P 0B9 CA

Blue Skies Custom Woodwork produces handmade furniture, kitchens and cabinetry with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

Craftsman and business owner Steve Culumovic uses only responsibly sourced materials and employs methods and finishes which offer an alternative to the mass produced, disposable products on the market. Steve uses solid, domestic woods with serviceable joinery techniques and safe, hand applied natural finishes which can be maintained by the customer. His pieces are free of toxins which are found in the glues and paints used in conventional materials, addressing  the needs of people with environmental sensitivities, asthma or allergies, or those who simply want a chemical free living space. When you work with Steve, you get the added benefit of conveying your ideas and needs directly to the designer-maker of your custom piece of furniture or kitchen.

In business since 1995.