Creation Minerals Volcanic Rock Dust

Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0, Canada
3020 15 Line Harcourt Ontario K0L CA

So many ways to use Creation Minerals’ TUFF ASH 65:
compliant with Canadian Organic Standards

  • Gardening: TUFF ASH 65 is an excellent source of the nutrients needed to create the ultimate home garden.
  • Landscaping: TUFF ASH 65 is an excellent soil amendment to provide support for landscaping.
  • Agriculture: To grow highest-quality produce, farms require the best organic soil amendments. Look no further than Creation Minerals’ TUFF ASH 65.
  • Vineyards: The best wines require top quality organic soil amendments. TUFF ASH 65 is your best organic tool for healthy grapevines.
  • Greenhouses: From produce to flowers, our soil amendments is the ideal choice for greenhouse growing. You will love TUFF ASH 65
  • Orchards: Organic orchards require special care. TUFF ASH 65 will ensure your soil is full of nutrition for superb tasting produce and abundant production.
  • Hydroponics: TUFF ASH 65 is ideal for hydroponics. We can improve the quality of your hydroponically grown produce.
  • Golf Courses: We provide the highest quality natural soil amendments and organic fertilizers for golf courses.
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