Fenwood Farm

774 Sawmill Road, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada L9G 3L1
774 Sawmill Road Brant Ontario L9G 3L1 CA

Fenwood Farms has organically raised chicken and it tastes the way chicken was meant to taste –
down to earth delicious.
Certified Organic Chicken

  • Raised without antibiotics or synthetic growth promotent.
  • Certified organic by Pro-Cert
  • No chlorine used in the chilling process.
  • Fed our own exclusive feed blended with wholesome grains, corn and legumes.
  • Raised in modern buildings with clean well water without chlorine or fluorides, fresh air to breathe, and access to natural sunlight.
  • We use only 100% organic grains grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or synthetic plant regulators.

FRESH Organic Turkey

Raised without antibiotics. Fed minerals, probiotics and organic grains. They are not fed animal by-products or bakery waste.

We believe its the best tasting chicken in Canada!

At Fenwood Farm we are doing our best to supply you with a superior chicken at the best possible price.

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