Lettuce Love Cafe

399 John Street, Burlington, ON, Canada
399 John Street Burlington Ontario L7R CA

Each item on our menu has health benefits. Our restaurant was created solely with your health in mind. The ingredients and products that we use are sourced from sustainable, fair-trade, non-GMO sources, are local and organically farmed when available. We love local small farmers.

Study after study has shown that a mostly plant-based diet rich in nutrients reduces the risk of cancer, strokes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, arthritis, diabetes and obesity just to name a few. Improved health also has a “happiness” effect.

Plant-based, non-processed foods, rich in nutrients and vitamins have proven to be a decisive factor for improved immune system, cognitive thinking, stronger bones, abundant energy and a reduced risk in most all diseases and illnesses. Studies have shown people reversing their diagnosed illnesses and diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and auto-immune diseases simply with a plant-based diet.

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