Hearty Catering Inc.

11225 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, M2K 1L2
732 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto Ontario M2K CA

Hearty Catering has been “green” from our beginnings; our use of locally grown and organic food is a major component in creating our delicious cuisine.

We are proud to feature the wholesome bounty of local farmers and producers in all our menus. By doing so, we have proven that delicious flavours and good nutrition result from a commitment to supporting local producers and a sustainable food chain.

We choose local, organic, seasonal produce whenever possible. We adhere to a code of preparing only naturally and sustainably-raised meats and sourced seafoods. We select our ingredients from local farms and suppliers who emphasize organic and sustainable offerings.

Our business practices have been affirmed by our certifications by the Coalition for Canadian Farm Animals, Local Food Plus, and Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Food Service (Level II) and the Ontario Culinary Tourist Association’s Feast ON program.

Our commitment is to offer nourishing, delicious cuisine that contributes to sustainable food systems and healthy communities.

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