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Today’s Organic Shopper

Just who buys organic and why? If you think of heavily invested in the environment, kale smoothie drinking, conscientious about bringing their own reusable bags to shop with type consumers - turns out Organics have come a long way in public perception. At least...

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Organic onions really are better!

According to the American Chemical Society and reported by Science Daily, June 14th 2017, a study done 5 years ago by researchers published in the ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry concluded that organic onions do indeed have enhanced levels of...

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Welcome to

Welcome to - the directory site for all things organic in Ontario! This directory listing is ambitious. It aims to be a central hub for companies to list their organic products and a central spot for consumers to find out what organic products are in...

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How to serve a well turned out turkey

Right. You want to prove that you are an awesome cook. So you volunteered to have thanksgiving at your home. But you have never cooked a turkey. Don't panic! Its pretty straightforward. Still time to solidify your reputation as a Thanksgiving chef extraordinaire! This...

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Morden’s Organic Farm Store

A century old family business Morden’s Organic Farm Store Our history, old fashioned values, a passion for healthy, tasty foods and a strong desire to support local farmers defines our business, located in the heart of southern Ontario farm country. We are your...

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Recipe: Cheese and Potato pie

Moving into the Autumn here's a recipe that will appeal to organic and vegetarian aficionados! So very simple but so very filling! Probably not that great for you calorie-wise (but if you are looking at potatoes and cheese combos - throw calories out the window - no...

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