Plan B Organic Farms

1377 5th Concession West, Branchton, ON N0B 1L0
1371 5th Concession Road West Hamilton Ontario L0R 2H2 CA

While working on an urban gardening project in 1996 Alvaro Venturelli & Melanie Golba came up with the wild idea of starting their own organic CSA farm! They convinced Alvaro’s brother Rodrigo to join in and and in the spring of 1997 Plan B Organic Farms was born! We thought the name “plan b” really conveyed our intention of providing our community with an “alternative” food source to foods produced through “conventional agriculture” aka plan a. In 1998 we moved to our beautiful 50 acre sandy and rocky piece of land in Flamborough Ontario. The first 5 years we worked the land by hand, symptoms learned that there was a lot to learn about growing vegetables, sick but with the support of family and the local community we made it work. We continue this work still with this mission in mind:

• Grow delicious, price high quality vegetables, herbs, and fruits using certified organic farming methods that are in harmony with our environment.

• Provide freshly harvested, certified organic produce at affordable prices to local households.

• Work in partnership with other local organic farmers to reliably provide our shareholders with the variety of crops that our region offers.

• Create a place where our community can come to learn about organic farming, the source of our food, and the natural cycles of our bioregion.

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