Just who buys organic and why? If you think of heavily invested in the environment, kale smoothie drinking, conscientious about bringing their own reusable bags to shop with type consumers – turns out Organics have come a long way in public perception.
At least according to Robinson Fresh – a U.S. global produce company, marketer and distributor of fresh produce in both conventional and organic varieties. According to their recent report: INSIGHTS: The Evolution of the Organic Shopper -parts 1 and II…

  • the organic shopper is a “casual shopper”. They are just as likely to buy conventional produce as organic produce.  “51%  of survey respondents purchased organic produce within the last 30 days. Of those 73% purchased both conventional produce and organic produce during the same shopping trip”.
  • If there are young children in the home  56% of 30 – 50 year olds purchased organics in the last thirty days (without children it falls to just under 50%)
  • For 18-35 year olds 63% shopped for organics in the last thirty days
  • With or without children, Millennials are more apt to purchase organics than any other generational group.
  • And as far as gender goes  females are slightly ahead of males at 53% to 50%.
  • Organic shoppers are now more than ever impulse shoppers
    What drives them is

    • freshness, quality
    • price
    • packaging
    • product is locally grown

To read the whole report, parts I and II please visit this link: